Frederick J. Lynch

Frederick J. Lynch , Director
Frederick J. Lynch has served as President of Masonite since July 2006 and as President and Chief Executive Officer of Masonite since May 2007. Mr. Lynch has served as a Director of Masonite since June 2009. Mr. Lynch joined Masonite from Alpharma Inc., where he served as President of the human generics division and Senior Vice President of global supply chain from 2003 until 2006.

Prior to joining Alpharma Inc. in 2003, Mr. Lynch spent nearly 18 years at Honeywell International Inc. (formerly AlliedSignal Inc.), most recently as vice president and general manager of the specialty chemical business. Mr. Lynch is a founding Director and Chief Financial Officer of the Michael Lynch Memorial Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides college scholarships to children of firefighters and victims of 9/11.